Project Description


“These days, Crown calls it ‘tricky’ to stick her with a label. Tricky, she says, ‘because it’s confusing to people. I tell people it’s really about the drawing, the mark, the mark-making … Everyone can make a mark.’”

—Michael Granberry, The Dallas Morning News, April 8, 2016

The Helicopter Drawing series was made by Crown while in the air over the mountains in South Africa in an attempt to capture visually the visceral feeling of flying in a helicopter. The resulting imagery captures moving through time and space. The constant movement of the craft, turning, climbing, descending rapidly, hovering, coupled with the wind, affected the mark. The record of the pressure of Crown’s hand on the pen and paper is the index of her experience. Scans of the drawings registered the relative amounts of ink absorbed by the paper; thus the peaks and valleys are the landscape of her body in flight.

The resulting digital images continue to be a generative source of her practice, influencing the PERforation series, Fractal drawings and paintings, BEARINGS DOWN and The Landscapes Within the Landscapes.